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What distinguishes Cambridge Stratford’s approach for the orientation of online students?

Our goal is to “Help students complete their own self-orientation to online learning with the aid of a pocket-sized resource that empowers them to learn when and where their individual needs arise.” (i.e. 100 Things Every Online Student Ought to Know, etc.)

The purpose for the Guidebook is: “To give the right kind of information to online students in the fastest way possible so they can use it immediately to begin solving their own personal issues and problems in adjusting to online learning.”

What age groups are best served by this text?

While online learning is predominantly used by college students and working adults who are planning to advance their career and educational goals, any age group planning to enroll in an online learning course will find the text valuable as a problem-solving, navigating, and web-linked referencing guide.

Some examples for use include:

Orientation Use
Book Reviews/Links
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