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What distinguishes the orientation to college approach of Cambridge Stratford?

"Help students to complete their own self-orientation to college" is the main emphasis of Cambridge Stratford's texts, assessments, and On-Site Seminars.

Our motto is "To give the right kind of information to students and in the fastest way possible so they can use it immediately to begin solving their own adjustment to the start of college."

What age groups are best served by the texts and seminars?

While adjusting to college should start as early as possible before classes begin, many distinct groups are well served by reading and interacting with others about the information outlined:

Note: Other editions in the 100 Things series are available for assisting the orientation of international students and online students entitled 100 Things Every International Student Ought to Know and 100 Things Every Online Student Ought to Know. Web links to information can be found at the home page.

High School/Pre-College
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