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How Much Does the Site License Cost?

Two options are available for securing a site license: an annual and 3 year. The annual site license is available to not-for-profit organizations planning to provide training at one location or institution only and for which no separate fee (exclusive of regular tuition) is charged. Institutions serving multiple locations will need a site license for each campus location. The site license will .provide for five (5) course offerings with a maximum of 20 tutors per course or a total of 100 tutors/year. Two or more courses may be hosted at the same time to provide for larger groups and multiple instructors so as to continue to insure the small learning community arena is maintained for threaded group discussions. The nationally advertised rate for each site license is $995 per year. Additional passwords beyond 20 per course or 100 per year are available for $15 per password/year.

The 3 Year Site License is configured as above on an annual basis but is discounted $300 to $2595 and includes free upgrades over the period of the lease. An application for each is included below.

Certain restrictions apply. Details provided on request. Other for-profit organizations and those planning to offer tutor or tutor trainer training on a registration fee basis will be accommodated under a different site license and fee structure. Details available.

How Much Does the Trainer’s Edition Cost?

The Two-Week Online eMaster Tutor Trainer’s Edition Course will be offered regularly throughout the year both as advertised by our Web Server Administrator and as locally announced by our cadre of Certified Online Instructors. Registration is limited in each weekly course and those interested should e-mail or call for details about the next available course opportunity. The course registration fee is $199 and includes a copy of The Master Tutor guidebook, a pre and post test, The TESAT, and supplemental information. Allow 7-10 days processing time from the receipt of payment or purchase order to finalize registration. No prior online course experience is required since adequate supplements and aids for both taking and teaching an online course are part of the components of the Trainer’s Edition Course.

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How Do I Obtain a Site License?

Copy, print, and complete the form below and forward with a check or purchase order number to the address listed below. Follow up instructions will be provided via e-mail or fax covering full details.

A Site License Agreement is required to be signed by the site licensee and is required prior to creation of the individualize course(s), issuance of user names, and passwords. Approximately two weeks notice is recommended to complete details to begin instruction.

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