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Training for staff, students, and/or tutors is available on request and is provided by The CSSS INSTITUTE's national cadre of professional practitioners and learning specialists. On-Site Training is provided worldwide and is available in both English and Spanish. One and two-day Inservice Training is provided under the seminar title "How to Study Smarter, Read Faster, and Score Higher on Tests." Topics Include:

Since all CSSS INSTITUTE's instructional texts and courses are designed in a self-instructional format, On Site Inservice Training is optional with associated fees for travel, accommodations, materials, and professional fees. Full details are available. A "Host Institution" Information Packet is also included for those planning to coordinate training under a cooperative arrangement with other schools, institutions, or federal and state grant programs. Institutions planning adoptions of study skills course texts that involve many teachers or multiple grade levels are encouraged to seek training assistance to improve readiness and implementation. Consultation is provided to host institution staff to improve on-going support and carryover for future training.


The CS Study Skills Institute's trained staff of On-Site Instructors provide direct training for staff and/or instruction of students using any of our published materials or curricula. Professional fees and costs for travel and materials apply. Host institutions are encouraged to cooperate in sponsoring On-Site Training with other local institutions which may have a similar interest. Training and student Seminars are normally scheduled in 1-2 day formats. Weekend retreats available. Host institution instructor consultations normally allow for subsequent training/seminars to be managed by the local staff.


The information below is organized first to describe pre-college/college training for instructors and students with the 10 Hour CSSS COURSE. It is followed by a description of On-Site Training for middle and high school teachers and students with the 20 and 30 hour editions of the CSSS COURSE.


 Pre College/College
 Academic Success Seminar for Instructors

Instructional staff desiring On-Site Training (in English or Spanish) are guided through the methodology and implementation steps for increasing their effectiveness in teaching of students. Large institutions with departmental or content specific faculty assigned to teach are assisted with integrating strategies taught within their own content area texts to improve relevance. Instruction-by-modeling is the goal of On-Site Instructors and participants are given an opportunity to perceive how students react to the instructions, exercises, and tips.

1. Early ALERT SEMINAR - new freshmen, athletes, tutors
2. EARLY INTERVENTION SEMINAR- trial admitted, slow matriculants
3. DROP OUT PREVENTION SEMINAR - students on probation, re-admitted


FOR: Freshman Seminar faculty

For: Retention Instructors

Athlete Enrichment Advisors/Instructors
Academic Probation Instructors
Pre-College Summer Enrichment Staff
Adult Student Retention Staff
Fed/State Grantees for Disadvantaged
High School PreCollege Staff

WHAT: On-Site Instructors provide full training of all staff assigned to teach students using the ACADEMIC SUCCESS SEMINAR format (10 hour) of Ten Tips For Academic Success.

WHY: Any experienced instructor can enhance the learning strategies of their students without the need for excessive preparation. Valuable learning strategies for increased college performance can be taught using a time-tested, "hands-on" learning approach that most find easy to teach, implement, and administer.

HOW: On-Site Instructors can present training in a Seminar format either in 1 or 2 day sessions for groups of 5-35 staff members and/or tutors that can easily be integrated into weekday, evening, or weekend formats. Each session includes a comprehensive overview of Ten Tips for Academic Success. Participants will engage exercises within their own copies of the Student Workbook to experience the value of the tips and strategies presented.

WHEN: Training should be offered 2-4 weeks prior to the scheduled start of instruction for students. If several integration models are to be planned (i.e. frosh seminar, students-on-probation, athletes, etc.) consideration should be given to consecutive days of training to allow each group to gain individual value in understanding implementation with their respective audiences.

PLACE: On-Site Training can be offered at schools and colleges, hosted at hotels and co-sponsored by several institutions, or as a pre or post conference event in conjunction with a state, regional, or national conference.

COST: Expenses are based on time, travel distance, number of participants, and professional fees. One and two day rates for professional fees are $1500 and $2500. Fees for travel, accommodations, and participants will vary but accurate estimates and detailed information (i.e. "Letter of Intent". etc.) are available upon request via phone, fax, or e-mail. Alternately, Host Institutions can contract training and offer it regionally to its local colleagues in exchange for a per person registration (i.e. $95, etc.)

(Scheduling NOTE: scheduling dates prior to the beginning of the traditional fall and spring semester are generally most in demand. If desired, please plan 6-8 weeks ahead of the intended date to insure availability.)



1. Build comprehensive understanding of techniques for success in college

2. Learn more competitive skills in a timely format.

3. Learn a hands-on approach that is easy to review (i.e. Workbook)


1. Expand intervention strategies to reduce ATTRITION.

2. Increase staff support.

3. Involve staff for follow-up support and training. (i.e. tutors)

Course Instruction for Pre-College/College Students and/or Tutors

Direct instruction has been provided to disadvantaged students, high school students, pre-professionals (i.e., pre-med) and graduate students, and peer tutors nationally. The CSSS INSTITUTE's cadre of trained practitioners provide Weekend 10 Hour Academic Success Seminars for "Host Institutions" as part of an On-Site Agreement. Full instruction is provided for students and/or tutors covering the complete curriculum with ample time allotted for student learning through integration of the "hands-on" practice and reinforcemnt activities. This service proves especially valuable to retention coordinators and grant programs with special programs or where supplemental enrichment to students is of the highest priority (i.e., rigorous curricula, students on probation, tutors reinforcing retention, etc.)

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The College Success Seminar for Students
 Ten Tips for Academic Success in College

1. High School Juniors/Seniors Concerned with the Challenge of College

2. Adults Returning to College and Needing Reinforcement

3. Current College Students Needing To Study More Effectively


 Seminar Topics in Brief:

Study Strengths and Weaknesses.
Your Best Learning Mode.
Setting Goals.
Reading Texts for Study.
Optimum Reading Rates for Study.
Proven Methods: SQ3R.
Efficient Time Use.
Estimating Planning-Study Time.
Weekly Monthly-Semester Planning.
Developing Vocabulary For Improved Reading.
Five Methods of Learning Vocabulary.
Twenty Critical Words in College Textbooks.
Literal, Inferential, Critical, Analytical-Thinking Skills for Different Problems.
Problem Solving.
Fine Tuning for Listening.
Making Listening Work.
Using Listening Plus Thinking for Decisions.
Short and Long Term Memory.
Concepts for Remembering.
Devices that Work.
Concise Lecture Notes That Work.
Five Directions Words That Guide Listening. Study Outlines From College Lectures.
Three reading Rates for Different Tasks.
Determining Your Reading Rate.
Doubling Your Reading Rate.
Five Types of Test Questions on College Tests.
Maximize Probability of Choice.
Essay Terms and Answering Strategies.

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